Resident Reviews

Here's what our residents have been saying about us:

I have been very happy with my experience and the status of my apartment. I would recommend Barron to others because Barron is transparent and fair about what you're getting and clear about the properties they are renting unlike other companies in the area. - P. M. (February 2018)

The staff is so friendly and really responsive to any request I have. - B. G. (January 2018)

The staff at Barron Realty are friendly and eager to help. I am always able to speak with someone directly and my questions are promptly answered. - L. C. (December 2017)

We really appreciated John H. showing us the apartment last night. He was so professional, and the property there really is very nice. Thanks again--his friendliness made us look even more forward to moving back. - J. B. (November 2017)

Wanted to thank you for all of your help on Friday and time walking through the units. All of the units were very spacious, well maintained and the location was unbeatable. The Hi Pointe was definitely my top choice. Really appreciate all your help. The information you’ve shared is greatly appreciated and I will be sure to consider Barron Realty next time I look for rentals. Thanks again! - H. E. (October 2017)

Thanks for everything. A big shout out to John and the crew for being so quick to address anything that came up. - M. G. (September 2017)

The apartment was great, thanks! - E. K. (September 2017)

I will be sure to refer your company to the brand new hires replacing me or occupying similar positions at Washington University in Saint Louis. - S. M. (August 2017)

Thank you all for providing my home for the last three years. I will certainly miss having you all as landlords in New York City! - B. R. (August 2017)

Absolutely Awesome, I will very much recommend Philip H. Barron Realty! My renting experience was great...thanks for making it happen. - K. C. (July 2017)

Five stars, all around. Thanks Barron Realty!!! :) - C. M. (July 2017)

On behalf of 1E, I would just like to thank you for a wonderful year and all the help and support you have given to us at 6666 Washington Avenue. - W. L. (June 2017)

I very much will recommend Barron Realty! - E. D. (June 2017)

PHB Realty was an awesome company with employees who were always willing to help and very prompt with everything! Thanks PHB!! Thanks!! - L. S. (May 2017)

Your prompt attention to our every need was exceptional. Great experience. - R. L. (April 2017)

Carrie is great! The office is extremely efficient and personable. I'm also glad I had the opportunity to know Jerry Russo -- he's the reason I took the apt in the first place, and he was a great person and helpful building manager. I would have stayed, but I am in Canada for 5-6 months. I loved 809 Westwood! - D. L. (March 2017)

Very nice renting experience! - J. W. (February 2017)

Very friendly and helpful company with many beautiful apartments in excellent areas. - T. D. (January 2017)

I was very happy with my apartment and with Philip H. Barron. I would highly recommend them as a rental company. They took care of me and made my stay in St. Louis enjoyable. - M. R. (December 2016)

Every time I hear someone looking to rent I recommend you! I loved living there but we grew out of our tiny one-bedroom and needed more space. - M. S. (November 2016)

The woman that came and painted was very nice and did excellent work. - D. B. (November 2016)

I loved living here. John is the best! He promptly answered any calls I had regarding maintenance. I had a wonderful living experience and would definitely recommend Philip H. Barron Realty to others. I wish I could've stayed another year. - B. M. (October 2016)

I loved the fact that Rufus and Mr. Brotherton were so accommodating to my needs. They have been invaluable in my stay at 4417 Forest Park. Mr. Brotherton was a very involved and helpful gentleman and I will not forget his help and his professional manner. Vicki at the offices was great to work with as well. Although I never met her, I know she attempted to work with me and my unique circumstances in earnest. She was like that great-aunt who was just so understanding. Thank you for allowing me to be one of your renters. - S. K. (October 2016)

I just sold my 2,000 square foot house and moved into my new 1,100 square foot apartment in Demun. Location, location, location! I'm VERY happy! - C. B. (September 2016)

The company was fantastic and very professional. They were extremely helpful whenever we needed assistance. The only reason we moved out is because our building was being renovated. - W. L. (August 2016)

Barron Realty was a great landlord and was always prompt and attentive to my concerns. - P. T. (August 2016)

John Brotherton was always very prompt and helpful with any requests or questions. Always a pleasant experience when calling the office as well. Very satisfied with Philip H. Barron Realty. -- K. G. (July 2016)

Wonderful apartment with very good service at a great price! -- R. T. (June 2016)

Thanks for making the move in process so smooth! I'm already in love with the unit, and I feel good knowing that I can rely on the management to help me solve any potential issues, and to just make the whole move in transition much easier. -- J. Y. (May 2016)

I moved from out-of-state and Barron Realty worked very hard to ensure that I had everything I needed to get the apartment I wanted. Thank you for all your hard work! -- K. A. (April 2016)

Thank you for all that you do. It is greatly appreciated everyday. Warm wishes! -- M. R. (March 2016)

I was shocked at how well I was treated during my 3 years renting. The maintenance squad was OUTSTANDING. I've never rented from a place that had personal service like John provided when I had an issue. I'd recommend this company to anyone. Thanks again! -- T. S. (February 2016)

John Hughes was a great help in finding the apartment, and Carrie was very helpful with all the paperwork. It was also very nice that the blind that was defective was replaced so quickly by the maintenance crew. Thank you! -- A. U. (January 2016)

"The best landlord in St. Louis!" -- Z. L. (January 2016)

"The water is already fixed! You're the best. Can we clone you and move you to New York? I was without water access (including toilet) for a week once!" (December 2015)

"I had a great experience renting from you. It was always very professional and everyone was friendly and quick to respond to issues. Those are hard qualities to find in a landlord in the Moorlands because many are owned by individuals and not by a business. I would highly recommend!" (November 2015)

"Hated to leave my apartment, but life took me back to the East Coast. Everyone at PHB was kind, helpful and took every action necessary to make their tenants feel safe, secure and at home in their apartment." (September 2015)

"Thank you very much for making this apartment my home for 6 years. It is a key part of my memories." (August 2015)

"A shame to have to leave 4360-72 Lindell after six happy years there. The building was modern, safe, and up-to-date, Philip Barron was friendly and easy to work with (although I did not make many requests), residents were friendly, and the location was convenient. The quality of the apartment was my favorite aspect." (July 2015)

"I loved my apartment with Barron Realty in the Demun neighborhood. You can't beat the location, the rent price was reasonable, and the maintenance and staff were great! Thanks so much!" (July 2015)

"Very smooth 2 year rental. Had one issue with sink. Issue was fixed in less than 24 hours. Exceeded all expectations and received full security deposit back promptly. Price was reasonable given the neighborhood. Thanks!" (May 2015)

"I would like to take this opportunity to express appreciation for the application experience that I received.

  • John Hughes provided a service that I consider over and above the call-of-duty.
  • John was very professional, proficient, polite, patient and courteous throughout the entire experience.
  • John returned calls promptly, provided answers to all questions, kindly provided us time to rethink and compare rental options.
  • Upon short notice, John provided us with the opportunity to view a second apartment option.
  • John even assisted with completing the application process.

Our appreciation to the service that John provided is second-to-none.

I am confident that having John on your staff is a compliment to your business and a contributing factor to your business continued success. Thank you." -- Stan S. (October 2014)

"Throughout college and law school I have leased a number of places and always had some sort of issue with the company. This has been by far my best experience with a leasing company. Thanks again." -- Brian Z. (September 2014)

"Thank you very much for your help over the last couple of years. It was a pleasure to rent with Philip H. Barron, and I really appreciate all that you did. Thank you again for everything!" -- Allie F. (July 2014)

"Thank you for the wonderful year at Brentshire Walk apartments. The staff at Philip H. Barron Realty Co. were always very nice, courteous, and helpful. Thanks again for such a wonderful experience." -- Meghan J. (May 2014)

"Thanks for addressing my list of repairs so quickly."

"Thanks for three years of terrific service."

"You have been wonderfully responsive and helpful."

"Thanks for taking care of your renters and properties."

"Thanks for providing a wonderful apartment in a wonderful neighborhood."

"Thank you for a very enjoyable rental experience."

"Thank you for being helpful, courteous, enjoyable property managers."

"I really enjoy renting from Barron Realty and will recommend you to my friends."

"Your staff is wonderful and I will miss seeing them."

"This is truly the best realty company we have dealt with."

"Our apartment building is the most attractive, and best maintained."

"When incoming graduate students ask me who to contact for apartment rentals, I always give your name out first."