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“Picking up my keys was so quick and easy. Everything about the move-in process was smooth and made my transition to STL so much better!” – M.G. (August 2023)

“Affordable apartment with great quality. Wonderful area to live in.” – S.C. (August 2023)

“Honestly, this year has been so hard for me, I cannot tell you how important it has been to have people like you on my team, supporting me, even when it sucks. Couldnt have done it without you. THANK YOU! :)” – A.F. (July 2023)

“Overall I really liked renting with Philip H. Barron Realty. The maintenance staff was probably the highlight – they responded to issues really quickly, even for small things, and were very communicative when larger issues arose.” – A.B. (July 2023)

“I moved to St. Louis and found my apartment with Philip H. Barron Realty after reading many positive reviews. Words cannot truly express the gratitude I have for this family company and their staff. I moved to St. Louis with my mother who I was a caretaker for in early 2021 after she received a late-stage cancer diagnosis. We were getting her medical care at Barnes-Jewish in St. Louis—one of the best hospitals for these cases in the country. Emotionally and financially, I needed a safe, affordable, and comfortable place in the City, close to the medical campus. I could not have chosen a better place than the apartment I found with this company. The application process was streamlined and stress-free. This was important especially as I was, at the time, looking for apartments and applying while in another state. Our move-in experience to the unit was equally easy and everything was clearly spelled out in our lease. The unit itself was beautiful and situated in an amazing location where I could walk to restaurants, coffee shops, Forest Park, etc. Honestly, what could have been one of the hardest times in my life because of my mother’s sudden and serious illness turned out to be one of the best because of where my apartment was, how comfortable it felt, and how genuinely caring the staff of Philip H. Barron are toward their tenants. I ultimately had to move to Colorado for a new job and to be closer to the rest of my family, but I will never forget my incredibly positive experiences with Philip H. Barron Realty, my apartment, and my time in St. Louis because of this company. I would suggest Philip H. Barron Realty and any of their several properties to anyone.” K.L.M. (June 2023)

“I’ve been renting with Barron for a few years now. They’re proactive and professional. Everyone is really friendly and they care.” – L.H. (June 2023)

“Phenomenal renting experience. Any minor requests were met with speed & efficiency. From office staff to property management – all across the board the PHB Realty team was friendly, honest, and helpful. Would highly recommend renting from any of their properties to expect the same.” J.M. (May 2023)
“Services was always timely and done at a high standard to solve problems, not cover problems.” – M.M. (May 2023)

“Thank you to your associates and management, this studio has been perfect this past year for our WashU senior son. This was his first experience living off campus and it could not have been better, he gained so much independence and maturity living on his own. And the location is perfect to the WashU Campus.” – E.L. (April 2023)

“Just wanted to send my thanks to whoever did the painting. They did an excellent job. There was one main problem area but they did all the smaller ones as well, including a few places where I didn’t expect them to bother.” – M.T. (April 2023)

“Our experience moving in was seamless and I felt informed and secured every step of the way. Every team member I interacted with in any capacity has been so friendly and down-to-earth. I was worried my experience finding an apartment in a new state (in a city, no less) was going to be a very anxiety-inducing process, but the team at Philip Barron made this a wonderful experience.” T.T. (March 2023)

“I lived in the property for 1.5 years. Everyone was very kind and accommodating to my concerns, and had no issues through my stay. I would wholeheartedly recommend.” J.A (March 2023)

“COVID made touring the apartment impossible so I had to do everything virtually. The apartment was nicer and feels bigger than I expected.” L.H. (February 2023)

“Max and Libby always communicative with me, and the apartment is beautiful!” N.S. (February 2023)

“We love our apartment and had an overall very positive move in experience.” S.C. (January 2023)

“My apartment was move in ready, clean and freshly painted. The staff is very helpful and responds quickly to any requests.” C.B. (January 2023)

“The apartment is lovely and well located, lots of light and quiet. ” – J.M. (December 2022)

“Everyone was very helpful and responsive throughout the process and everything was clean upon move in..” – Z.B. (December 2022)

“So far the experience has been good. The apartment was very clean upon move-in and PHB has been very responsive to any maintenance issues that have arisen.” – K.M. (November 2022)

“I lived in the same apartment for 5 years and had a wonderful experience with Philip H. Barron Realty. Everyone was really kind and helpful. All maintenance issues were addressed in a timely fashion.” – S.S. (November 2022)

“I appreciated my almost 5 years that I lived in my unit. I always felt safe even if I lived in the first floor. The unit had plenty of space for my needs, especially the kitchen. The building was in a very convenient location for me, as it was close to the train and my place of employment. The staff were always courteous and prompt to help when any maintenance or other issues arose. I was very glad I was allowed to hang photos and shelves on the walls. Even though I have moved, I will really miss that apartment and all the people who helped make it a home.” – R.M. (October 2022)

“I’ve been with this space for 2 years and it was everything I needed during the graduate school experience. My favorite service was definitely the front desk personnel and maintenance. They were always kind, empathic and very understanding. I appreciate this service and hope that anyone out of state goes through Philip H. Barron Realty. Also very close to WashU for folks who do not have cars.” – M.W. (October 2022)

“The move in experience was very easy. Staff were were friendly, helpful and available during the whole experience. Any issues that were present upon moving in were quickly resolved by the maintenance staff. Would strongly recommend Barron Realty.” – E.L. (September 2022)

Really appreciate the good service and living experience. Special thanks to Libby and Max! – R.L. (September 2022)

“I had a very comfortable experience. I enjoyed being around the restaurants as well as only being a half a block from the grocery store. The building was quiet and on-site laundry was perfect. If I needed something fixed, it was done quickly. I have zero complaints, I enjoyed my stay and I appreciate you all!” – A.S. (August 2022)

“The staff was very friendly and helpful throughout move-in and move-out.” – T.W. (August 2022)

“I wanted to say that Izet repaired my air conditioner leak yesterday and did a great job. I know it took him time and patience became he had to clear out all the hoses that were clogged. My mind is at ease now and would like to thank Izet for his help.  He did a great job, was friendly and informative of the problem. I appreciate the maintenance crew for always being so thorough in their repairs. Great crew! – B.O (July 2022)

“I loved my time renting from Philip Barron Realty Company. I had great experience with many staff members including Max and Gordon. They were accommodating each and every time I spoke with them! I had one issue but this was handled efficiently and effectively. I was impressed by the professionalism used to handle this situation! – M.H. (July 2022)

‘”This is my second time renting from Philip H Barron Realty. When I was looking for a new apartment, I immediately thought to see if they had any available because my first year living in one of their buildings was such a positive experience. They have always been very professional and quick to respond to any issues.” – A.C. (June 2022)

“I just wanted to share one final thank you! I appreciate all you’ve done over the past few years, particularly the lease extension these past few weeks major life saver! I loved my time on Clemens and PHB was so great to work with! Thank you!” – O.H. (June 2022)

“I was speaking with my friend the other day and she recounted to me some absolute horror stories she’s had with her landlord this year. I then walked home in the oh-so miserable weather and came across someone clearing off all the snow/ice from our fire escape for (presumably) no other reason than to make it safer for us to get into our apartment.  All of this is to say: we really appreciate you (and Barron Realty) and everything you do for us as tenants, and we wanted you to know that. Here’s to another year of being your tenants!” – R.P. (May 2022)

“23 years in my apartment! All the staff I’ve had contact with were pleasant and very helpful.” – R.A. (May 2022)

“The agency was extremely professional at all stages of my renting experience. The staff always responded promptly to my needs. I could not have asked for anything more from a landlord.” – A.B. (April 2022)

“The property manager worked double-time to make sure that the apartment was in good condition for me to move in on a short turnaround, and it made all the difference! The apartment is lovely, the lease-signing was lovely. Thanks so much!” – E.V. (April 2022)

“It was great living there with cheap rent. Loving management and stuffs are good. Building manager is so lovely and cooperative. Lots of love to her!!!” – A.W. (March 2022)

“Big thanks for your effort and professionalism. As always, PHB leaves me with a great impression.” – J.S. (March 2022)

“I had a good experience renting with Philip H Barron Reality. The staff are very responsive and helpful. Due to the smooth application process, I was able to rent my apartment remotely and move in immediately when I arrived.” – T.O. (February 2022)

“I had a great experience, working mostly with Sarah. Her service was great!” – J.L. (February 2022)

“It was a really good experience to rent a room from Barron Realty. Had COVID not changed my plans, I would have continued to rent my studio.” – J.H.C (January 2022)

“I had an excellent experience; the apartment was a great value in a beautiful and convenient location, and I would have stayed there as long as I lived in St Louis.” – T.B. (January 2022)

“Responsive and helpful. Good communication. Gordon is awesome!” – J.L (December 2021)

“Moved in easily and quickly. It’s a wonderful apartment in a wonderful location. Exactly what I was looking for.” – N.R. (December 2021)

“I had a wonderful experience renting with Philip H. Barron Realty for three years. The staff was always so prompt to respond to requests and very kind. Thank you for making my time renting from you so seamless and enjoyable!” – B.G. (November 2021)

“I had a good experience with Philip H. Barron Realty. The maintenance staff was very attentive and punctual. The office staff and management was always very responsive.” A.E. (November 2021)

“I really appreciate Barron Realty making moving across the country in a pandemic as smooth as possible. It’s of course difficult to know what is going to happen when you can’t travel to visit apartments in person, but I was very grateful for Max going out of his way to send me information about the apartment and answer all of my questions. I’m really happy to be in St. Louis and so far I am very happy with my apartment. The location is wonderful, I love how close I am to Forest Park, the Metrolink, and shops in Central West End. I also think it’s a very well laid out studio, the perfect size for a single student such as myself.” – A.S. (October 2021)

“The apartment was very clean, quiet, and has tons of sunshine. I especially love the small garden-like gate entrance. The staff usually replies me in a short period of time if I have any request or questions. Nice realty company to rent the apartment from!” – S.W.C. (September 2021)

“I had moved to St. Louis without knowing much about the City or area. Philip H. Barron definitely made my move easier, and I ended up renting with them for five years. They are very responsive to any maintenance requests or questions and provide great prices for the area. The building I lived in was clean and maintained as promised. Renting with them was excellent, and I would recommend!” D.E (September 2021)

“Working with Barron Realty was great. I mostly worked with Max and he was very easy to work with and very available. I am very satisfied with my new apartment.” N.E. (August 2021)

“I always felt like Barron Realty treated me with respect and kindness. They’re constantly making improvements to their properties, the maintenance is super responsive, and their prices were reasonable. The didn’t have any properties where I was looking to move next, but I wish they did.” – A.D. (August 2021)

“What I like the most about Barron Realty is their maintenance. It was always responsive and efficient.” Y.C.L. (July 2021)

“I lived here for roughly three years. Overall, I was very happy with my experience and stayed in the same unit for the entire time I lived in St. Louis. Anytime I had a problem, it was taken care of pretty quickly. I also had no problems with my apartment and it was well maintained.” A.L. (July 2021)

“The whole move-in process was very easy and everyone at Philip H Barron was very helpful!” E.H. (June 2021)

“All staff is customer oriented. I never waited more than 2 hours for any maintenance service. Also they always did their best, exceeding my expectations. Everyone was cordial, respectful and competent. Thanks.” M.A. (June 2021)

“Thanks again to you and everybody else on the team for giving me such a positive experience while living here. I would recommend this building to anybody looking for apartments due to its location, living space, and management team. If I weren’t planning to relocate, I would definitely stay on.” A.E. (May 2021)

“I thoroughly enjoyed renting through Philip H. Barron Realty. They were always very kind and efficient from the initial search and application process, to move out. They care about their tenants and always responded to maintenance requests in a timely manner. Their apartments are located in great areas, and the properties are very kept up despite being on the older side. My apt was the perfect size for just me, with lots of light and beautiful hardwood floors. I loved living in the Demun area. I would highly recommend Philip H. Barron Realty to a friend. Convenient locations, affordable prices, and kind & attentive staff… what more could you want? Thank you!” E.S. (May 2021)

“Thank you for everything you have done over the last five years. Renting with you was excellent, and it definitely made my move to St. Louis easier!” D.E. (April 2021)

“Thank you very much! I have really enjoyed my time here. This is a nice apartment and great neighborhood.” K.L. (April 2021)

“I had a wonderful time renting with Barron Realty! Everything was handled smoothly and promptly.” S.L. (March 2021)

“I really enjoyed living here. PHB Realty was always extremely responsive to maintenance requests, and the apartment building seemed well taken care of. One time, they even got my AC fixed over a holiday, even though I said it could wait until after.” A.C. (March 2021)

“Everything about the move-in process was easy and the apartment was in good shape.” G.P. (February 2021)

“The staff at Barron Realty is responsible and responds quickly to any needs.” X.H. (February 2021)

“Barron Realty is great. They are super helpful. Address your needs within 1-2 days. Max and the maintenance team are awesome. I really appreciate their help!!!” C.Y.L. (January 2021)

“Thank you for providing great service and professionalism. I loved the apartment!” A.J. (January 2021)

“Wow! We opened our door to the smell of cleanliness in our common area. When we arrived in the laundry area, again, the elves of Barron Realty had been there to clean and sanitize for us. Many thanks to you and all the people at Barron who are making our lives safer.” L.W. (December 2020)

“Thanks to the amazing service Barron Realty gives to us in our rented apartment. Please extend my thanks to all the maintenance team, especially Mr. John. They always come so soon to fix everything I call for. Thanks again for such an excellent service.” M.Z. (December 2020)

“Everyone was very timely and helped me out for my move, which I am very grateful for.” – J.V. (November 2020)

“Barron Realty could not have made my move-in better or a more seamless experience. Everyone from the office in Richmond Heights to Carolyn in the on-site office have gone above and beyond to make the already stressful experience of moving, an almost enjoyable experience. The attention to detail, the cleanliness of the apartment and building, the amenities and the maintenance staff are all top notch. If you’re looking to live in St Louis or to live in the Central West End, you’d be a fool not to choose The Continental Apartments.” R.E. (October 2020)

“Very good experience. The staff is so kind!” – X.C. (October 2020)

“Great to live here. Convenient to taking bus and MetroLink.” – Z.X. (September 2020)

“The few times I had maintenance requests the issue was promptly repaired, replaced or I was always informed of the status.” T.R. (September 2020)

“Excellent experience. Barron realty was responsive and reliable. Great company to lease from and great apartments.” – R.R. (August 2020)

“I had a very positive experience renting with Barron Realty. I needed to rent an apartment quickly from out of state and they were easy to work with and assisted me throughout the process. The building and unit were well maintained and whenever necessary maintenance was efficient and thorough.” L.C. (August 2020)

“The maintenance service is very good, with nice and efficient workers! And the reparations are quick. A good experience!” L.A. (July 2020)

“It was great renting with Philip H. Barron Realty. The staff was always available and timely to answer any questions or help me out with whatever I needed. Very professional and a decent spot to live. Enjoyed my year living there.” – K.F. (July 2020)

“Thanks so much for all of the hospitality, I will definitely recommend you to all of my friends!” E.A. (June 2020)

“I like this company, everyone is so kind and efficient.” T.C (June 2020)

“You guys are great. We had a problem with our oven, Gordon showed up the next morning and fixed it right away!” H.Y. (May 2020)

“Overall Barron Realty staff, apartment maintenance were very good for my two years.” D.M. (May 2020)

“I was amazed by how clean everything in the unit was when I moved in. The floors, bathroom, kitchen cabinets (inside and out), even the blinds. Beyond anything I’ve ever experienced moving in to a new place. It really showed how committed Baron Realty is to taking great care of their properties.” J.L. (April 2020)

“Great locations, reasonable rents, excellent service. Had maybe two maintenance issues the entire time (two years) I was there, PHB responded quickly to both.” – B.N. (April 2020)

“Timely responses from the majority of the staff. Friendly.” – J.H. (March 2020)

“We lived in our Philip H Barron apartment for five years, and we loved the experience. We got to know many employees by name over the years. The apartment had a quality lay-out with lots of natural light. It was well situated in the CWE, within easy walking access to the medical campus but outside much of the main trafficked areas. We felt that the rental value was the best on the market; we kept renewing our lease each year! Anytime we needed a repair done (from a leaky dishwasher to closet door tracking), PHB staff was prompt, polite, and more than capable of addressing the issue.” – M.F. (March 2020)

“It was very easy to get set up in my apartment, given the fact that I was searching with short notice. Max was responsive to all my requests for information, and I felt that everything went smoothly with the paperwork and transactions.” – J.U. (February 2020)

“Maintenance requests were always addressed ASAP, thank you!” – S.F (February 2020)

“I like the neighborhood. The location is great. I like the layout of my apartment with natural light and good ventilation. The maintenance team are amazing. I can always get timely reply and restoration of broken parts. I like the garage. The street parking is also available. In one sentence, it’s a very nice place with convenient location and affordable price.” – L.G. (January 2020)

“Staff was always helpful and responsive. Thanks for a good two years! – J.V. (January 2020)

“Fantastic! This community is awesome and the staff is amazing as well. You guys have definitely made this transition easy since I just went through a divorce. The neighbors are so friendly and I have told so many people about you!” M.W. (December 2019)

“Tonight, your staff came to fix our sink emergency. We just wanted to report that they were quick, professional and efficient. They did a great job and we were so thankful for them. Great job!” – M.K. (December 2019)

“Thank you so much for the kind offer of everything in the past two years. I like the neighborhood. The location is great. We have pharmacy, Galleria and Shaw Park within walking distance. The neighbors are quiet  and embrace all the theme days! Our Halloween and Christmas are so colorful and tasteful! I like the layout of my apartment with adequate natural light and good ventilation. The maintenance team are amazing. I can always get timely reply and restoration of broken parts. I like the garage. It’s super important in an area with snow and sleet… The street parking is also available. In one sentence, it’s a very nice place with convenient location and affordable price.” L.G. (November 2019)

“I want to thank you for the new stove. Beautiful! I love the bottom drawer and it’s especially nice for extra storage. The see-thru window is a plus. I missed having that and it look great, matches the refrigerator and microwave. Also, thanks for getting the repairs done. Maintenance has done an especially good job on the door repairs. Thanks for everything. I appreciate how clean and well kept the grounds are all the time. It’s a good place to live.” L.Z. (November 2019)

“I moved in from out of town, so I was only in town a couple days to look for apartments. Max was so helpful and showed me multiple apartments that fit my budget. He also had great knowledge about the neighborhoods. Everything from the application to move-in went really smoothly.” – A.C. (October 2019)

“It was a very smooth move-in process.” – M.H. (October 2019)

“Thanks to the flexibility of handling our request. We were able to move in from Germany very smoothly.” E.H. (September 2019)

“I’ve loved my two years in the apartment and am going to miss it and the DeMun neighborhood. Can’t thank you enough for helping me secure the apartment and for being a good Landlord.” – W.B. (September 2019)

“Thanks so much for your excellent service in having the new oven installed so quickly. I never received this kind of service from my NYC Landlords. You saved our dinner party! We are continually impressed by the excellent service we receive from you, John and the entire Barron Realty team.” – O.L. (August 2019)

“I had a really rough experience with renting an apartment in the past, but this experience has been much smoother. The staff have been so helpful and have shown genuine interest and care in helping me get into my apartment and making sure that it’s ready.” – B.W. (August 2019)

“Overall, the Barron Realty staff and maintenance was very good for my two years.” – D.M. (July 2019)

“Thanks so much to both you and Rufus for fixing my issue so quickly. I have had the best building maintenance experience of all the places I’ve lived in this apartment.” – A.E. (July 2019)

“Thank you! Living here has been great! I’ve always been pleased with the prompt maintenance service and friendly staff.” N.R. (June 2019)

“The manager on duty is very helpful and professional. The leasing office Personnel for Philip H Barron are very respectful & appreciative people.” A.S (June 2019)

“Went into the office a couple times and the staff was professional and extremely helpful. R.R. (May 2019)

“I really like the apartment I rented with Philip H. Barron. Though the apartment was built in 1920’s, it’s still in good condition now. It is a very ideal place to live in, with reasonable rent price, complete facilities and a quiet neighborhood.” C.Z. (May 2019

“Thanks to the flexibility of handling our request, we were able to move in from Germany very smoothy.” E.H. (April 2019)

“I had a great time working with Max. Very responsive when communicating with him. I was walked through the whole process, and whenever I had questions, both Max and the staff at the front desk were more than willing to help. Even though I just got here, I plan to stay with Barron Realty for the rest of my time in college.” – H.D. (April 2019)

“The move-in was pretty good. I’m definitely happy with the size of the apartment and appreciate the initial urgency with some of my requests upon moving in.” – D.G. (March 2019)

“Apartment was clean and well-maintained. For the minor maintenance that the apartment still needed, a maintenance person was dispatched shortly after.” – K.B. (March 2019)

“I have truly enjoyed my stay at your CWE property, it’s the ideal apartment living…clean and well maintained building; VERY quiet with considerate renters; responsibly priced with outstanding benefits like big closet and modern kitchen; and great location to restaurants. Also, late night parking was never an issue. I’m from out-of-town and totally lucked out with this building. In closing and very important, the staff at Philip H. Barron Realty are a class act and the best at the services they provide…look no further. Thank you for the superb accommodations. A++!” D.J. (February 2019)

“Many thanks to Mr. Max Barron, who has been really helpful throughout the entire apartment-finding and move-in process. Barron Realty also provides really efficient repair services. Staff are friendly. Overall good experience. Thanks.” – M.Z. (February 2019)

“I really enjoy living here. I feel safe and it is really peaceful. My neighbors are also nice and really respectful.” M.B. (January 2019)

“Very Nice! John is very patient to introduce the apartment to me. When there was some maintenance issues, the staff came to our apartment very quickly to solve the problem. It is so nice to live here.” – Z.J. (January 2019)

“Most efficient property group I’ve ever worked with. Helpful and prompt with everything they do.” – L.D. (December 2018)

“The apartment was clean upon move-in and the staff was professional and helpful. Quick to respond to any questions or concerns.” – M.B. (December 2018)

“I have been here a few short weeks but from the moment I applied I already felt like I was home. The staff is super friendly and they helped me every step of the way! I absolutely love my new home and can not wait to see what this year has in store.” – R. M. (November 2018)

“Everyone was so wonderful to work with. John Brotherton, Carrie, and Max are all willing to help and made the transition from one rental property to my new place. Also, I had a couple of minor repairs that were done so quickly after I turned out the move in checklist. Awesome! This is my second year renting with Philip H. Barron Realty Co. Very nice staff! Very pleased!” – L. H. (November 2018)

The locations, prices, and staff are all amazing, and I would and have recommended Barron Realty to other renters. – T. D. (October 2018)

I have been so lucky to have John as a Property Manager. He always looked out for me and made sure I was taken care of. Thank you! – K. V. (October 2018)

This is our second apartment with Philip H. Barron Realty. They’re great to work with during the apartment search process (no high-pressure tactics, very patient), and they’re very responsive to any issues once you move in. I have rarely had to wait more than 48 hours after contacting maintenance, and usually someone comes by within 24 hours. – H. H. (September 2018)

Our apartment has too many beautiful memories. We are sad to move out, we had a great time! – Y. X. (September 2018)

I just want to say what a terrific job the maintenance department did on installing two toilets. I cannot tell you how pleased we are with them and also Angie for her having this done in such a prompt manner! – M. S. (August 2018)

Love the apartment, just moving out of state. If I was staying, I would have renewed! – S. W. (August 2018)

Thank you for providing me with a great place to live for eight-plus years. This was my first apartment out of college, and I couldn’t have been happier with the affordability and the neighborhood. – E. Y. (July 2018)

All staff members have been extremely helpful with the move-in process. Maintenance has also been quick at responding and fixing any issues we have. – E. W. (July 2018)

I just want to say our maintenance guy Rufus is a very, very good worker. Whenever I call for work to be done in my apartment or anything else that is wrong with the apartment, Rufus always comes right away and handles and/or fixes whatever it is that need to be done. He always leaves the tenant a note with information about what he has done. If he has to return to finish the job, he will let you know when he will return. Rufus is a dependable and dedicated worker and I want to thank you for having people like him on your staff. – B. B. (June 2018)

Thank you so much for everything. You guys have been great. We really appreciate how helpful and responsive you’ve been. – C. M. (June 2018)

Everybody at Barron Realty has been so nice to my sister. I especially want to tell you all, how great John and the maintenance personally have been. Although I worry about her being there all alone, I feel like everyone at Barron Realty will go out of their way to keep her comfortable. Thank you so much! – S.W. (May 2018)

All Philip H. Barron Realty staff have been a pleasure to work with, and the apartment is great! – N.B. (May 2018)

Max and Johnny have been responsive and very friendly. Joi is such a kind person. She was great to go over everything with on move-in day! I loved that after turning in our paper that documented any “damages” or things that needed to be fixed that all of the things I wrote down were attended to within a week of moving in. Thanks so much! – C. M. (April 2018)

My year living in the apartment was great, all problems were solved quickly and the staff was really cordial. – N.C. (April 2018)

I wanted to take a minute to extend a huge thank you to all of you for taking care of my refrigerator issue so quickly. You have no idea how much I appreciated that! I also want to thank you for always being prompt when I have had to call for other things. I really appreciate all of you. Thanks again! J.K. (March 2018)

I wanted to let you know I have sincere appreciation for Tim and Izet, the maintenance men. Anytime I have had a problem to be fixed, they arrive to the scene promptly. As I have been a tenant in other complexes for over 25 years, never have I had a maintenance team that was so quick to respond, courteous and assured that everything was repaired to my satisfaction. That says a lot. Tim and Izet take their jobs seriously and are a valuable asset to Fox Chase Apartments. I commend the entire staff of Fox Chase Apartments and look forward to living here for many years. – B. O. (March 2018)

Thank you for everything – I loved my apartment next to Forest Park and really appreciate your availability and flexibility. – K. A. (February 2018)

I have been very happy with my experience and the status of my apartment. I would recommend Barron to others because Barron is transparent and fair about what you’re getting and clear about the properties they are renting unlike other companies in the area. – P. M. (February 2018)

The staff is so friendly and really responsive to any request I have. – B. G. (January 2018)

The staff at Barron Realty are friendly and eager to help. I am always able to speak with someone directly and my questions are promptly answered. – L. C. (December 2017)

We really appreciated John H. showing us the apartment last night. He was so professional, and the property there really is very nice. Thanks again–his friendliness made us look even more forward to moving back. – J. B. (November 2017)

Wanted to thank you for all of your help on Friday and time walking through the units. All of the units were very spacious, well maintained and the location was unbeatable. The Hi Pointe was definitely my top choice. Really appreciate all your help. The information you’ve shared is greatly appreciated and I will be sure to consider Barron Realty next time I look for rentals. Thanks again! – H. E. (October 2017)

Thanks for everything. A big shout out to John and the crew for being so quick to address anything that came up. – M. G. (September 2017)

The apartment was great, thanks! – E. K. (September 2017)

I will be sure to refer your company to the brand new hires replacing me or occupying similar positions at Washington University in Saint Louis. – S. M. (August 2017)

Thank you all for providing my home for the last three years. I will certainly miss having you all as landlords in New York City! – B. R. (August 2017)

Absolutely Awesome, I will very much recommend Philip H. Barron Realty! My renting experience was great…thanks for making it happen. – K. C. (July 2017)

Five stars, all around. Thanks Barron Realty!!! 🙂 – C. M. (July 2017)

On behalf of 1E, I would just like to thank you for a wonderful year and all the help and support you have given to us at 6666 Washington Avenue. – W. L. (June 2017)

I very much will recommend Barron Realty! – E. D. (June 2017)

PHB Realty was an awesome company with employees who were always willing to help and very prompt with everything! Thanks PHB!! Thanks!! – L. S. (May 2017)

Your prompt attention to our every need was exceptional. Great experience. – R. L. (April 2017)

Carrie is great! The office is extremely efficient and personable. I’m also glad I had the opportunity to know Jerry Russo — he’s the reason I took the apt in the first place, and he was a great person and helpful building manager. I would have stayed, but I am in Canada for 5-6 months. I loved 809 Westwood! – D. L. (March 2017)

Very nice renting experience! – J. W. (February 2017)

Very friendly and helpful company with many beautiful apartments in excellent areas. – T. D. (January 2017)

I was very happy with my apartment and with Philip H. Barron. I would highly recommend them as a rental company. They took care of me and made my stay in St. Louis enjoyable. – M. R. (December 2016)

Every time I hear someone looking to rent I recommend you! I loved living there but we grew out of our tiny one-bedroom and needed more space. – M. S. (November 2016)

The woman that came and painted was very nice and did excellent work. – D. B. (November 2016)

I loved living here. John is the best! He promptly answered any calls I had regarding maintenance. I had a wonderful living experience and would definitely recommend Philip H. Barron Realty to others. I wish I could’ve stayed another year. – B. M. (October 2016)

I loved the fact that Rufus and Mr. Brotherton were so accommodating to my needs. They have been invaluable in my stay at 4417 Forest Park. Mr. Brotherton was a very involved and helpful gentleman and I will not forget his help and his professional manner. Vicki at the offices was great to work with as well. Although I never met her, I know she attempted to work with me and my unique circumstances in earnest. She was like that great-aunt who was just so understanding. Thank you for allowing me to be one of your renters. – S. K. (October 2016)

I just sold my 2,000 square foot house and moved into my new 1,100 square foot apartment in Demun. Location, location, location! I’m VERY happy! – C. B. (September 2016)

The company was fantastic and very professional. They were extremely helpful whenever we needed assistance. The only reason we moved out is because our building was being renovated. – W. L. (August 2016)

Barron Realty was a great landlord and was always prompt and attentive to my concerns. – P. T. (August 2016)

John Brotherton was always very prompt and helpful with any requests or questions. Always a pleasant experience when calling the office as well. Very satisfied with Philip H. Barron Realty. — K. G. (July 2016)

Wonderful apartment with very good service at a great price! — R. T. (June 2016)

Thanks for making the move in process so smooth! I’m already in love with the unit, and I feel good knowing that I can rely on the management to help me solve any potential issues, and to just make the whole move in transition much easier. — J. Y. (May 2016)

I moved from out-of-state and Barron Realty worked very hard to ensure that I had everything I needed to get the apartment I wanted. Thank you for all your hard work! — K. A. (April 2016)

Thank you for all that you do. It is greatly appreciated everyday. Warm wishes! — M. R. (March 2016)

I was shocked at how well I was treated during my 3 years renting. The maintenance squad was OUTSTANDING. I’ve never rented from a place that had personal service like John provided when I had an issue. I’d recommend this company to anyone. Thanks again! — T. S. (February 2016)

John Hughes was a great help in finding the apartment, and Carrie was very helpful with all the paperwork. It was also very nice that the blind that was defective was replaced so quickly by the maintenance crew. Thank you! — A. U. (January 2016)

“The best landlord in St. Louis!” — Z. L. (January 2016)

“The water is already fixed! You’re the best. Can we clone you and move you to New York? I was without water access (including toilet) for a week once!” (December 2015)

“I had a great experience renting from you. It was always very professional and everyone was friendly and quick to respond to issues. Those are hard qualities to find in a landlord in the Moorlands because many are owned by individuals and not by a business. I would highly recommend!” (November 2015)

“Hated to leave my apartment, but life took me back to the East Coast. Everyone at PHB was kind, helpful and took every action necessary to make their tenants feel safe, secure and at home in their apartment.” (September 2015)

“Thank you very much for making this apartment my home for 6 years. It is a key part of my memories.” (August 2015)

“A shame to have to leave 4360-72 Lindell after six happy years there. The building was modern, safe, and up-to-date, Philip Barron was friendly and easy to work with (although I did not make many requests), residents were friendly, and the location was convenient. The quality of the apartment was my favorite aspect.” (July 2015)

“I loved my apartment with Barron Realty in the Demun neighborhood. You can’t beat the location, the rent price was reasonable, and the maintenance and staff were great! Thanks so much!” (July 2015)

“Very smooth 2 year rental. Had one issue with sink. Issue was fixed in less than 24 hours. Exceeded all expectations and received full security deposit back promptly. Price was reasonable given the neighborhood. Thanks!” (May 2015)

“I would like to take this opportunity to express appreciation for the application experience that I received.

  • John Hughes provided a service that I consider over and above the call-of-duty.
  • John was very professional, proficient, polite, patient and courteous throughout the entire experience.
  • John returned calls promptly, provided answers to all questions, kindly provided us time to rethink and compare rental options.
  • Upon short notice, John provided us with the opportunity to view a second apartment option.
  • John even assisted with completing the application process.

Our appreciation to the service that John provided is second-to-none.

I am confident that having John on your staff is a compliment to your business and a contributing factor to your business continued success. Thank you.” — Stan S. (October 2014)

“Throughout college and law school I have leased a number of places and always had some sort of issue with the company. This has been by far my best experience with a leasing company. Thanks again.” — Brian Z. (September 2014)

“Thank you very much for your help over the last couple of years. It was a pleasure to rent with Philip H. Barron, and I really appreciate all that you did. Thank you again for everything!” — Allie F. (July 2014)

“Thank you for the wonderful year at Brentshire Walk apartments. The staff at Philip H. Barron Realty Co. were always very nice, courteous, and helpful. Thanks again for such a wonderful experience.” — Meghan J. (May 2014)

“Thanks for addressing my list of repairs so quickly.”

“Thanks for three years of terrific service.”

“You have been wonderfully responsive and helpful.”

“Thanks for taking care of your renters and properties.”

“Thanks for providing a wonderful apartment in a wonderful neighborhood.”

“Thank you for a very enjoyable rental experience.”

“Thank you for being helpful, courteous, enjoyable property managers.”

“I really enjoy renting from Barron Realty and will recommend you to my friends.”

“Your staff is wonderful and I will miss seeing them.”

“This is truly the best realty company we have dealt with.”

“Our apartment building is the most attractive, and best maintained.”

“When incoming graduate students ask me who to contact for apartment rentals, I always give your name out first.”