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We called and left a message for a leasing agent, had a call back from Max in 5 minutes, a showing in 30 minutes and knew we'd found the apartment we wanted for our son immediately. The communication was unbeatable in speed and professionalism, the apartment is great in a phenomenal location, rent seems very fair and reasonable for the apartment size and location, the application and leasing processes were seamless and we are so thankful we called Barron Realty. I'd highly recommend Max as he has all the answers and responds so quickly. We have every confidence that this will be a terrific year in the Barron apartment. Thanks, Max!
Max is great! He is efficient and transparent and responds quickly to requests. He and his staff made the process of applying for an apartment go seamlessly. Highly recommend renting from Barron Realty.
I was fortunate to work with Max, as a real estate agent and finder for my apartment on West Pine, after relocating to St. Louis for work and life. He was very efficient with the listings he provided, the promptness in getting me in my apartment quickly, as well as with his understanding of the market and areas in which he showed the available properties.Additionally, the team (Precious, and others) at Philip Barron were great to work with: they were prompt with their responses to my inquiries, as well as with helping me complete all the necessary paperwork needed to complete the application process, and get me moved in quickly and within the desired timetable I provided them.I'm grateful for my experience with Max and the team at Philip H. Barron Realty. I would recommend this company, and the agents and team here, to anyone looking for a place in the St. Louis/CWE area.
Thank you Mrs. Taisha Carson for the fantastic job you have been doing for me lately. Your hard work and dedication has really helped me out during difficult times . I just wanted to make sure you know how much you are valued and appreciated. We know that the recent round of lay-offs has been very bad for company morale. Not only are people worried about losing their money but also many people are out there receiving their withdrawal every day You come in early stay late and even use your free time to help pitch in and get things done. Thank you Mrs. Taisha Carson for your hard work and dedication to me both throughout the past few months and even before that. We really appreciate all that you do.
I highly recommend her service to anyone looking to make it big off crypto market.
Whatsapp: +1(619)241-4352
Facebook: Taisha Carson
Great communication, maintenance, and properties
My experience with Barron Realty was great all around. I moved back to St. Louis looking for a spacious & affordable 2br/2ba close to work & my old go-to restaurants and they had several different options in great neighborhoods. The apartment tours and move in/out process were all simple and I had nothing but friendly experiences with Max, Libby, Gordon, and the rest of their team during my time as a tenant. Any maintenance requests or ongoing questions were answered quickly & efficiently. Would highly recommend using them for anyone in the area.
5/25/2022I moved to St. Louis and found my apartment with Philip H. Barron Realty after reading many positive reviews. Words cannot truly express the gratitude I have for this family company and their staff. I moved to St. Louis with my mother who I was a caretaker for in early 2021 after she received a late-stage cancer diagnosis. We were getting her medical care at Barnes-Jewish in St. Louis—one of the best hospitals for these cases in the country. Emotionally and financially, I needed a safe, affordable, and comfortable place in the City, close to the medical campus. I could not have chosen a better place than the apartment I found with this company. The application process was streamlined and stress-free. This was important especially as I was, at the time, looking for apartments and applying while in another state. Our move-in experience to the unit was equally easy and everything was clearly spelled out in our lease. The unit itself was beautiful and situated in an amazing location where I could walk to restaurants, coffee shops, Forest Park, etc.Honestly, what could have been one of the hardest times in my life because of my mother’s sudden and serious illness turned out to be one of the best because of where my apartment was, how comfortable it felt, and how genuinely caring the staff of Phillip H. Baron are toward their tenants. I ultimately had to move to Colorado for a new job and to be closer to the rest of my family, but I will never forget my incredibly positive experiences with Philip H. Barron Realty, my apartment, and my time in St. Louis because of this company. I would suggest Philip H. Barron Realty and any of their several properties to anyone.Thank you for reading!~Khristin
My experience with Philip Barron Realty has been fantastic. If it weren’t for Max with this company, I would have not had a home or chance to move to St. Louis in August. After having visited various areas and taking photos of numerous “For Rent” signs, I called and left messages with multiple potential apartments to rent. Max called me back with options matching my interest, but not only that, he offered attention to each detail that I was looking for in a place to live, and continues to do so to this day as I potentially relocate, but of course remaining with Philip Barron! Everyone I have interacted with is kind and willing to answer questions immediately, and if not immediately, always follows up. This company offers beautiful homes, high quality and timely service, and excellent care to making it the perfect situation!
I’m so happy I stumbled upon an apartment with Philip H. Barron Realty when I was moving to STL two years ago. 10/10 the best landlords I’ve had. Hard to find good quality landlords in cities sometimes. PHB has always been responsive to any and all of my concerns or requests, and they have been incredibly accommodating both in the moving in and moving out processes. My apartment is beautiful, conveniently located, safe and well maintained. Wouldn’t be leaving except I bought my own home. Their rental rates are also quite reasonable for the areas in which their properties are located (I was in the CWE). Highly recommend!
I've lived in 2 of their apartment buildings, and each time they were super helpful and professional. They have always responded to maintenance requests within 1 day, and both apartments were really well-maintained. It's clear they care about their buildings and renters.
Giving a shoutout to Gordon the property manager who goes above and beyond to meet the needs of his tenants!
I had a very positive experience renting with Philip Barron Realty. The staff are very cooperative and respond in a timely manner whenever I had a request. I highly recommend them!
The people that work for Phillip H. Barron Realty go out of their way to help with your housing needs!! I would recommend them to anyone especially a new person to the area like I was. Thank you Barron Realty!
Philip H. Barron Realty Co. excels at the aspect of rental management where most companies fail, customer service. Whenever I had any difficulties, the employees at Philip Barron were more than happy to assist me and always with incredible timing. I often tell friends when discussing landlords that I once left a maintenance request online at 10 pm and within half an hour they were calling me to follow up on the urgency of the request. I couldn’t imagine having a better landlord during my time as a student and am happy to recommend them.
I’ve had a really positive experience living in a Barron Realty property for the past few years. They’ve been really responsive during the few maintenance issues I had, and all around just really nice and easy to deal with. I’d highly recommend them for anyone moving into the area!
I had moved to St. Louis without knowing much about the City or area. Philip H. Barron definitely made my move easier, and I ended up renting with them for five years. They are very responsive to any maintenance requests or questions and provide great prices for the area. The building I lived in was clean and maintained as promised. Renting with them was excellent, and I would recommend!
I've had a great experience with this group. Most recently, I was thrilled with the company's property manager who helped install a set of hanging shelves in my unit. The property manager, along with another maintenance worker, installed the shelves within a few days of the initial request. After talking with them, I was confident that they had the knowledge and skills to mount the wooden shelves safely (and that I definitely did not). The shelves are holding up and look great! Definitely a satisfied customer.
The best landlords and apartments in the area!!
I've been living in Barron's studio for 1.5 years. Moved out because my parter found a job in another city. Max and the maintenance guy are awesome. I really enjoy living there.
I had a very positive experience renting from PHBR. I made a last-minute decision to move from out-of-state and upon recommendation reached out to PHBR. They worked with me to find a rental in the price range and area I was looking for. The building and unit were well maintained, felt safe and secure, and any issues or inquiries were addressed efficiently.
We faced a challenging situation needing to modify a rental agreement. The company handled it fairly and we're thankful for the professionalism of the staff. We're especially grateful to Caroline, the apartment manager at 4020 Lindell Place, who is one of the nicest and most efficient person in such a position that we have ever encountered.
I just moved out and only because I needed a bigger space. It can be nervewracking to start with a new landlord, because they can make your life horrible or wonderful. This company is the latter. I lived there for 2 years and have 0 complaints. Any maintenance request I ever put in was solved either that day or the next. The property manager was friendly and accessible. I even made some stupid mistakes during the move out process, and they were understanding and did not penalize me. It would have been very easy for them to charge me for these mistakes, and I would have deserved it, but they did not. They are by far the best realty company I've had.
Response from the owner: It was fantastic having you as a resident, Liz! We appreciate your wonderful comments. We understand moving can be a stressful process, so we are glad to help make things easier. Best of luck in your future endeavors!
I have been renting from Philip H. Baron for about two years and have had a really positive experience for that time, but I wanted to share a story to give you a sense for the type of company they are.The AC unit in my apartment went out the night before a few of the hottest days of the year. I immediately put in a request for maintenance with their office. It turns out that the entire AC unit needs to be replaced which they weren't going to be able to do before the weekend. However, within four hours of me placing the request, John and his team had put a temporary window unit in my apartment so that I could be comfortable through the weekend and is working on getting me a replacement central unit ASAP.I'm super impressed by their quick / above and beyond service, and I can't imagine renting from someone else in the region.
Response from the owner: Thank you, Sam, for your thoughtful words. We appreciate you making us aware of any problems you are having in your apartment and are glad to make the repairs. It has been a pleasure having you as a resident and we look forward to continuing this relationship!
I had an absolutely wonderful experience with Philip H Barron Realty during my two-year stay in one of their properties. The apartments are beautiful and comfortable, and all of the staff are friendly and attentive on an ongoing basis. The move-in and move-out process was very smooth as well. Highly recommended!
Response from the owner: We had a great experience with you as well, James. Thank you for renting with us, and best of luck in your future endeavors!
Finishing up my first year at one of their properties, and about to resign, this is the first time I have rented with a company and had zero complaints!

Finding a good place to rent, with good property managers, is hard to come by. My experience at Brentshire Walk Executive Apartments has been fantastic. GREAT PRICE, GREAT LOCATION, CLEAN APARTMENT AND SPACIOUS. I have no reason to complain and anytime I have had issues they get back with me in a day!

Also, big thank you to Max for always being responsive. The previous review talks about being rushed. The process and experience so far has been fantastic, and I have high standards when it comes to my expectations.
I've been with PHBR for two years and the only reason I'm leaving is because my new job is out of state. They're professional landlords and respond quickly to any and all issues. My unit is bright, if a bit outdated, but I've loved living here. The unit was spotlessly clean when I moved in and the shower even had fresh shower curtains installed. I'd recommend them to anyone.
I've been with PHBR for two years and the only reason I'm leaving is because my new job is out of state. They're professional landlords and respond quickly to any and all issues. My unit is bright, if a bit outdated, but I've loved living here. The unit was spotlessly clean when I moved in and the shower even had fresh shower curtains installed. I'd recommend them to anyone.
Response from the owner: Maggie, we appreciate your comments. We’re glad you loved living in one of our apartments and wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors!
Excellent professionals, older but well kept, very clean units. Quick maintenance response. Recommend.
Response from the owner: Thank you for your positive comments, Sissi K!
I submitted an application on behalf of my folks and I'm very hopeful. The apartment shown was perfect! I appreciate the fact that the agent didn't have another renter looking right after me. I know whoever gets the deposit in first gets the apartment, but I felt relieved that John sent me the text and got in his car and drove off somewhere else!
My realty for many yrs. love & appreciate it
Lived for 5 years. Great maintenance. Fast repairing.
Hands down the most professional landlord I have ever worked with. I was a tenant for three years and was always treated well. The apartment was reasonably priced for the area (an excellent location) and the building was well-maintained. Whenever I needed something fixed, it was usually taken care of the same day. An all-around excellent experience--they've clearly earned their great reputation!